Find a Local Electrical Repair Pro

Find a Local Electrical Repair Pro

Call for service from our emergency electrician in Freehold & Howell Township, NJ

Are electrical issues making it hard to function in your home or office? Reach out to Lightning Electrical LLC today. We're an experienced electrical repair company in Freehold & Howell Township, NJ. Whether you're dealing with a minor wiring issue or a significant electrical problem, you can depend on our electrician to fix it for you.

Is your electrical issue beyond repair? We also provide electrical installation services.

Call us at 732-708-5988 now to speak with an emergency electrician about your repair needs.

Why choose Lightning Electrical?

When electrical issues strike your house, you can count on the electrical repair pros at Lightning Electrical to help. We can fix everything from outlets and switches to lighting fixtures and electrical panels. Need help fast? Our emergency electrician is available 24/7 in Freehold & Howell Township, NJ and the surrounding area.

To learn more about the electrical repair services we offer in your area, contact Lightning Electrical today.