Energize Your Home With Quality Electrical Features

Energize Your Home With Quality Electrical Features

Discuss your electrical installation needs with a Freehold & Howell Township, NJ contractor

Lightning Electrical LLC is a dependable electrical installation company in Freehold & Howell Township, NJ. Over the years, we've helped many homeowners and contractors with installation projects of all types and sizes. Whether you're adding new electrical features to a newly constructed building or updating your existing electrical wiring, you can trust us to handle it for you.

Whatever your electrical installation needs might be, you can count on us to power up your house for a price that fits your budget. Call 732-708-5988 now to schedule a consultation with a trusted electrician.

Signs you need a new electrical panel installation

Is it time to replace your old, outdated electrical panel? If so, get in touch with Lightning Electrical today. We offer unbeatable electrical panel installation service in Freehold & Howell Township, NJ and the surrounding area. You should call us if:

  • You're installing new appliances that are too powerful for your existing panel to handle
  • You have to use extension cords or power strips because you don't have enough outlets
  • Your circuit breaker frequently trips because you're using too much power

If you have these issues or any other power problems that need to be resolved, you can count on the pros at Lightning Electrical to fix them for you. Contact Lightning Electrical today for more details about our electrical panel installation services.